Bringing modern technology to private lending

Through use of technology, idutch not only allows for lending scenarios to be matched to the most suitable and trusted private lenders, it also acts as a portal where full submissions to lenders can be made. 

Brokers and lenders alike benefit from the intuitive and easy-to-use idutch software - ultimately acting to help increase conversion rates and efficiency. 



Takes out the guess work

this software intelligently and quickly identifies which panel private lenders are best suited to given scenarios. The software analyses various data inputs in making its recommendations, including: leverage, location, security, loan size etc.


Fully Integrated Solution

idutch works with aggregators to fully integrate its loan submission software into existing software ecosystems. As well as being intuitive for broker users, it also provides brokers and lenders with submission quality controls.


Empowering Efficiency

idutch offers access to technology tools that are designed to improve the broker experience and promote efficiency. The broker mandate generator tool is one such example, allowing brokers and lenders to rely on a uniform mandate document that the idutch system automatically generates for brokers.