idutch - an easy way for Aussie brokers to access reliable private lenders.

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Why brokers love idutch?

Hundreds of brokers across Australia use the idutch portal to connect with reliable alternative finance providers for property transactions.

idutch lenders service deals from $500K - $250m+ for property settlements, refinances & construction.

Complete Control

Fast turn-around

Increase Settlements

The tech is easy

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Step 1.

Enter Scenario

Brokers upload high-level loan details to the idutch portal.

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Step 2.


idutch's intelligent proprietary smart-matching engine will find the best suited private lenders, based on the scenario details entered.

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Step 3.


Brokers upload full bank-style submission, with full autonomous dealflow management tools.

Brokers have Control.
Your Clients. 
Your Deals.
Your Commission.

Keyboard and Mouse

Lean on us.

Brokers submit commercial property transactions using the idutch platform. idutch manages the deal on the lenders side and takes a small commission.



Take the lead.


Brokers use idutch's portal to connect with private lenders directly - taking full control of the deal. This is a completely free service.



Brokers can also refer the entire deal.


Training & Support

idutch backs its brokers - providing support at all levels and at all stages of a deal's lifecycle.

  • Private lending accreditation

  • Ongoing deal support for brokers

  • Lender specific support 

Vetted Lenders

idutch's only offers its brokers access to the best-in-class private lenders.

  • All idutch lenders are vetted by idutch

  • 'idutch Lender Code' - minimum expected behavioural lender standards

  • Wide-range of private lenders that service a wide spectrum of loan-types, asset-classes and loan-sizes.

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Why private lending?


First Mortgage


Second Mortgage


High LVR

Low Presales

Fast Settlements


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